Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day of the Evil Gun - 1968

Today's movie is called "Day of the Evil Gun" starring the late, great Glen Ford. This is a classic story about a man who is on the verge of putting his guns down and changing his ways, but when he arrives home from his wanderings he finds that the family he had left behind has been taken by Apache Indians. This prompts him to embark upon a mission to find and rescue them. Unfortunately, during his long absence another man has stepped in and began courtng his wife. This other man refuses to stay behind and joins him in his quest. The tension between these two unlikely comrades is thick enough to slice with a dull knife and it doesnt take long for them to feed eachother knuckle sandwiches.

This movie is great for many reasons but my favorite part of the movie is when the two rescuers are captured by the very Apache they seek. The Apache ride in on their horses and as the chase ensues they handily utilize their ropes as they proceed to lasso pistols out of hands and rifles from their very scabbards. The whole movie is a good adventure, but this scene alone makes it a must see movie.

I am not sure if this is available on DVD but it is occasionally replayed on the Western Channel.

Cap'n Ron

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